Despite the fact that since 1991, the CPMDQ has received few complaints due to the quality of services provided by its members, it is always possible that a member may have violated a law or breached an ethical obligation. If you reasonably believe that a member has committed an ethical violation, you may file a complaint to the CPMDQ.

However, for your complaint to be considered admissible, the process must be strictly followed, since only complaints which respect the process are receivable.      

Before filing a complaint, we recommend that you contact the Member for any explanatory information. If an explanation from the member is not satisfying, or if the member cannot be reached, then you may make a complaint to the CPDMQ.

Please note that only the CPMDQ administrative staff is informed of the existence and progress of an investigation, along with the member who is the subject of the complaint. However, the CPMDQ may also disclose certain information to a qualified independent expert to assist if necessary.


To file a complaint, you need to send us a file containing the following information :

  • A detailed written statement outlining the reasons and specifics of the allegations against our member specifying which section of the Code of Ethics you allege the member has failed to comply with as well as any other pertinent documentation supporting your allegations. 
  • The member’s name, license number and mailing address where the therapy took place.
  • The date the alleged incident occurred and copies of insurance receipts, if applicable.
  • Your address,  telephone number (work, home), your email address and fax number, if you have one.
  • A photo identification with your address.

Prior to submitting your complaint, please ensure that your declaration and all documents you have provided in your complaint are endorsed and certified by an oath. A complaint will only be considered if it complies with the process.

Send us your complaint file by mail, or by fax or by email.

Once the investigation of  your complaint is completed, we will inform you of our decision.

Please note that a complaint to the CPMDQ is not intended to obtain financial compensation for any loss or damages.

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