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What is massage therapy?

Massage therapy is one of the oldest therapies for physical pain.

It’s a therapeutic method that consists in relieving a person’s pain through maneuvers performed with the hands and various ointments or therapeutic oils.

Massage treatments can involve a number of techniques, with the aim of relaxing the muscle group and helping the individual to achieve overall health.

Through massage, you become aware of the tensions in your own body, and in the body of others. These tensions are the result of conflict, stress, fatigue, poor posture, etc. Massage therapy is the application of a set of techniques aimed at improving the well-being of individuals through the execution of hand movements on various living tissues.

This therapy acts on the skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments (these tissues are commonly referred to as soft tissues) and is aimed at both physical and psychological well-being, as they are intimately linked.

Physical and mental “knots” are untied, for the greater well-being of body and mind, avoiding the build-up of tension that can lead to muscular and joint pain, or various pathologies.

Massage therapy is used in very specific cases. The word massage has its roots in Greek, Hebrew and Arabic, meaning light pressure, palpation, kneading and, more generally, TOUCH. Traces of massage can be found as far back as 3000 BC.

Massage techniques

Swedish massage

Combining firmness and gentleness, Swedish massage is performed with firmness and gentleness after applying a thin layer of oil. It is performed mainly on the musculature, acting on muscles, joints, skin, breathing and the nervous system. Swedish massage is a natural therapeutic approach that has a positive effect on a person’s overall health.

Chair massage

This technique is similar to Swedish massage, except that it can be performed over clothing if oil is not used. This technique is ideally suited to pregnant women and people with back pain that is difficult to treat on a table. This technique provides in-depth muscular work.

Californian massage

Californian massage is an oil-based body massage that promotes both muscular work and relaxation. It features fluid, continuous, enveloping strokes, long effleurage and kneading movements, and gliding movements that go deep into the tissues to release tension. It enhances body awareness and leads to a state of openness, relaxation and surrender. It encourages communication between giver and receiver.

Esalen massage

A massage based on gentleness, slowness and, above all, intuition, it helps to recognize sensations, perceptions and emotions. This approach is based on contact and the quality of listening, presence and sensitivity to the person being massaged. Characterized by the absence of precise manipulative techniques, it aims to develop intuition and encourages a meditative state.

Neo-Reichian massage

Based on the theories of Wilhelm Reich and with a body-psychological orientation, this massage helps to release chronic muscular tension and regain vitality and a sense of pleasure in the body. The massage is performed from head to toe, from center to periphery, and focuses on specific rings of tension. It is accompanied by breathing work that encourages the client to feel the emotions held in the body’s memory.

Lymphatic drainage

Allows toxins to be eliminated, activates protein synthesis and boosts the strength of the immune system through a gentle pressure technique. Highly beneficial in cases of fluid retention.


This technique, created by Dr. Randolf Stone, harmonizes the energy of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies (chakras) and recycles a human being’s vital energy. Through an in-depth knowledge of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether, we learn to know ourselves better, to let go, to trust our intuition and to help anyone wishing to maintain, restore or regain well-being.


The Tree of Sephiroth is a mandala contained within our physical body that replaces the bone structure and regenerates the marrow. This tree of life ensures our earthly anchorage with all our universal light potential, where the energy tube (of Reiki) becomes a pure channel.

This approach identifies reflex points corresponding to all parts of the body on the feet. This acupressure technique triggers the mechanisms of self-regeneration and deep relaxation.

Trigger point
Neuromuscular therapy designed to release tension points within muscles. A useful complement to massage therapy, particularly for clients suffering from muscle and joint pain.


Hot stone massage
Using hot and/or cold stones, or colored stones for the chakras, this type of massage is both therapeutic and energetic. It stimulates the physical, mental and spiritual bodies, restoring harmony and inner peace.

Baby massage
Touching and communicating with the baby beyond everyday gestures. The aim of this type of massage is to create a complete routine for massaging babies and children. Learning this technique will help you discover the benefits of massage. It’s a great way to relieve colic, intestinal problems, fever and congestion, and to promote relaxation for both parents and baby.

Massage for pregnant women
Pregnant women require special attention during pregnancy. The many changes in the body often cause tension, pain and lower back pain. Massage for pregnant women has beneficial effects, decongesting muscles, promoting circulation and making tissues more supple.

Chinese massage
The massage of yin and yang energy and the way these currents flow through the human body. Familiarization with the principle of the five elements. Learn about the different meridians and their links with reflexology in the circulation of energy.

Sports massage
Sports massage addresses the specific needs of athletes and other physically active people. It makes a highly effective contribution to maintaining muscle tone, preparing for activities of all kinds and recovering from exertion. Combined with oil massage, it produces remarkable effects.

Shiatsu massage
Shiatsu massage has its roots in the long Eastern tradition of Chinese medicine. Its aim is to ensure the proper circulation of vital energy throughout the body, principally in the energy circuits that encompass the entire body and are known as meridians. These meridians oversee our various physiological and psychological functions. The therapist applies pressure to points on this energy network with thumbs, palms, hands, elbows or knees, and may perform mobilizations and stretches to promote the circulation of vital energy according to the client’s needs. Massage is oil-free, and clients can remain clothed if they wish.

Chinese massage
Massage of yin and yang energy and the way these currents flow through the human body. Familiarization with the principle of the five elements. Learn about the different meridians and their links with reflexology in the circulation of energy.