to regroup and bring together in numbers your clients for the promotion of their economic, social and moral benefits.


  • Support the vision, mission and objectives of the CPMDQ.
  • Be a CPMDQ Practitioner Member in good standing .
  • Complete the Patronage membership process.
  • pay the annual the Patronate  membership fee of $1200. 

Join the CPMDQ community and help bring evidence-based practice to the forefront to promote the adoption by the population of a healthy lifestyle through therapeutic means in alternative medicine. 

First and foremost, what is a Professional syndicate?

A professional syndicate is a professional or categorical organization of a private nature which aims to defend the material and moral interests of its members. Professional syndicates have as their sole object the study, defense and development of the economic, social and moral interests of their members. In democratic countries, these organizations are independent of the State (but recognized by it) and governed by a set of laws which specify their status, the modalities, the guarantees and the limits of their exercise. This type of organization can bring together employees or members of business owners. One can conceive of the business owners as the elite of the bourgeoisie, as a social class. Attention by “business owners” we mean “business leaders, entrepreneurs” as opposed to managers.

What is a Patronate Member ?

A Patronate member is an administrator, a president of a CPMDQ local.  The Patronate Member regroups in large numbers  the clients of a clinic, a school or a fitness center as Supporting Members of the  CPMDQ Local he administers.    

What are the advantages of becoming a Patronate Member of the CPMDQ?

  • A CPMDQ Patronate Member has the opportunity to promote the  economic, social and moral interest of its Supporting Members, that is to say the clients, the patients, the students of his clinic, school and / or his fitness center. The non refundable annual CPMDQ  union dues to become a  Supporting Member of a CPMDQ Local is $12. 
  • The CPMDQ local is classified as a  priority organizations. 
  • The CPMDQ Local is exempt from filing  annual federal and provincial return on the union’s income.
  • The union membership dues paid to a CPMDQ Local are exempt from the GST / QST.
  • Union dues paid to the  CPMDQ Local for the services and benefits offered to its  Supporting Members  are tax deductible.
  • The CPMDQ Local is not subject to the application of the law of L’Office de la Protetion du Consommateur.  
  • The CPMDQ Local is  advertised in the “General Public and Insurers” section of the CPMDQ website.
  • Subject to the  S-40 Act in force, a CPMDQ Local can enjoy all the powers necessary to the pursuit of its objective. 

Non refundable annual membership fees : $ 1,200

To print a copy of the duties and obligations of the president/administrator of a CPMDQ Local

To print the patronate membership brochure 

Priority organization

CPMDQ Locals

Professional Syndicate Act. L.R.Q. c. S-40

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