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Alternative medicine or natural medicine takes into consideration all aspects of the person and seeks to act, not on the symptom, but on the cause. Above all preventive medicine, alternative medicine aims to maintain and / or restore health by natural means such as exercise, breathing, relaxation, healthy food, medicinal plants, homeopathy, manual therapy, soul therapy etc.

Membership as a supporting member of the CPMDQ is intended for people who have an interest in alternative medicine, but who are not eligible for membership as a certified practitioner member or as a patronage member of the CPMDQ. Being part of a vast CPMDQ community means that you will be among the first to be informed of Confederation news.

Join the CPMDQ community and help bring evidence-based practice to the forefront to promote the adoption by the population of a healthy lifestyle through therapeutic means in alternative medicine.

Annual membership fees *: $ 12

Annual membership fees *: $ 12